My father, Renato Joseph Nicholas Della Rocca passed away on December 17, 1915. His death was not unexpected. He was 96 years old and managed to beat two cases of pneumonia and a myocardial infarction over the past year alone.

My family is a complicated one although not unusually so. My parents divorced in 1969 and my father remarried immediately and moved to Los Angeles, California. I have been saying good bye to my father for a very long time. Since we lived far apart and our conversations had become so short and infrequent, I could say that I was prepared for his death and in some ways, I am.

When faced with grieving the deaths of my mother, my nephew, and my sister, I tried stifling the grief. I tried to roll through it as fast as possible. After all, I had family and a business to run. Decades have passed and I still grieve them all, although with far less pain. Now distance and other complexities have led me to accept that I must mourn, grieve, and remember my Dad.

I have created this space to write a long and honest obituary that friends, family, and interested acquaintances can read and follow as often or little as they choose. This cannot be accomplished by one post and will certainly fold in other obituaries I need to write. I am giving myself over to 2016 as my year to grieve, one day at a time.


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